The Rule of Law Institute is an independent, politically non-partisan, not-for-profit organisation which promotes and protects the rule of law in North Macedonia. The Institute aims to promote discussion on the importance of the principles which underpin the rule of law.

It also operates education programs and initiatives to provide school and university students with an understanding of the importance of rule of law principles and how they relate to contemporary issues.

The Institute works the community and government by commenting on laws before they are brought in the Parliament, writing media articles and reports, holding an annual conference on current rule of law issues and speaking at conferences.

The Institute’s rule of law efforts focus on 10 key objectives:

  1. Promoting legal standards based on the rule of law.
  2. Increasing the public’s legal knowledge.
  3. Increasing the professional skills of lawyers.
  4. Promoting the European Union and the idea of the European integration process.
  5. Protecting civil and human rights.
  6. Promoting the Polish experience in political system transition within post-communist countries.
  7. Supporting the education system in the area of promoting the rule of law.
  8. Reform of the system of legal education.
  9. Eliminating corruption from public life.
  10. Supporting initiatives for strengthening judicial independence.